Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sparking Travel in Others and Comfort Zone Departures

A colleague last week told me that my photos of my weekend trip to Calgary and Banff, and Lake Louise, have inspired her to look into travel within her own country a little more. Another one told me that all my adventures within Toronto has made her want to explore her own city a little more. My job here is done!

The idea that my example may show someone, even one person, that it's possible to put together little side trips over weekends and see more of your own country - that's pretty cool! If my immersion into the city and Summer events of Toronto have created the idea for someone else to do the same and check out more of the things going on around the city...awesome! I am very happy to spread the travel bug far and wide!

I have certainly taken any and every opportunity whilst here for the Summer, to do everything I have found of interest to me. I have also managed to complete a little list of the side trips I wanted to do. I mean, who knows when I’ll be in North America next, right?

But, of course, this has not been without some pangs of anxiety and fear with each new city and travel adventure, even with all my travel experiences under my belt.

I remember the worry about my lack of French language skills for my trip to Quebec City and Montreal, and whether I would be able to get around and figure out the city. I was a little nervous about my plan to drive around the city of Memphis, just as I was coming in to Miami....but it was all good! I even dealt with a flat tyre in the hire car without having a tantrum!

Travel is a huge comfort zone leap, time and time again, even for the well travelled. That's the beauty of it - it tests you, broadens your understanding of the world, and lets you grow, in ways you cannot even imagine.

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