Monday, August 13, 2012

The Temper Trap In Toronto

I told my housemate that I was off to see The Temper Trap here in Toronto, and he informed me that they are huge right now - that's exciting to here, an Aussie band this far from home!

Kylie, Chloe and I met up and made our way over the the East end of the city, and stopped at Against The Grain for a bite and drinks. We experienced one of the weirdest times here, we wondered if we were on a candid camera show....which is a shame, cos we loved it last time where we here.

Walking across the road to the venue, the city was the backlight to the block of fluro colour that was changing hue at a pace.

Kool Haus is part of The Guvernment complex, and was a pretty modern and impressive space. It had several levels, and areas to it - and for this evening was near full, with maybe over half of the voices there Aussie accents.

These Melbourne lads mixed the set with tracks from the newly released self titled sophomore album as well as that amazing album from 2009. Tracks like Love Lost and Fader reminded us how amazing that album was, and the new hits Trembling Hands and Need Your Love had the crowd enchanted and singing.

Dougy's voice is incredible. This is a band that sounds so amazing live, better than their recorded material.

Sweet Disposition, of course, was the final song of the night, and it was a huge sing-a-long. It was so cool to hear a filled room this far from home, filled with the words of this band's songs...impressive!

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