Friday, September 21, 2012

Elvis' Cars And Other Toys

One of the things that strikes you as you wander around Graceland in Memphis, is Elvis' love of his family and his toys! From cars to planes, to pianos and audio-visual equipment, the King and his family did not want for anything, that is clear.

The first car into Elvis Presley Automobile Museum is a beautiful, slick white Mercedes 280SL that he brought for Priscilla. So pretty! What a lucky girl!

The Museum is at the end of the building at start of your Graceland visit, and can be seen as you wait for your turn to board the bus and be taken across the road to the house for the self-guided tour. This Purple 1956 Cadillac Eldorado is in the centre of the room and forms the back of the mini-cinema for a short film.

The other area where Elvis' toys are on show is the yard also on this side of the road, where you can board and view his two custom planes. The 1958 Convair 880, named the Lisa Marie, is the most impressive, with the rooms decked out in suede chairs and leather-covered tables, the guest and main bedrooms with all the fittings, two bathrooms with gold-flecked sinks, a conference and lounge room - he had everything one could need on this little flying home. The walk through also affords you some commentary pointing out the features, and mentions the King's whimsical use of this plane, with one occasion being when he discovered that his daughter had never seen snow so he loaded up the family for a day trip to Colorado!

Also on display in the Automobile Museum are the John Deere tractor Elvis used across the road and on the ranch, and his 1970 Stutz Blackhawk. A black Ferrari, a white Lincoln and a Rolls Royce, plus a jeep and his motorcycles. Plus his favourite car, his 1955 Pink Cadillac. Yes, it's quite the collection!

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