Sunday, September 23, 2012


Yesterday the Hawks completed the task of reaching the AFL Grand Final, in a tight-finishing match against Adelaide.

Being a twilight match, we started the day early with lunch on the Yarra River at Pony Fish Island, before walking along to the MCG.  We were actually moved along from here after being there for hours, because we had our footy colours on!  Our pre-match drinks were finished at the ever-reliable Riverland.

The sun bathed half the ground as the teams lined up and the whole crowd stood for the National Anthem.  And before we knew it, the match began.

It was the kind of match that had us on our feet so many times, for goals and close play down our end - intense and stressful, with so much on the line.  The pain of this match last year in the back of our minds, particularly as it got of so close in the final quarter.

Five points at the final siren, and the yellow and brown flooded the MCG, and the song was sung loud and proud!

Post-match debrief and celebrations were carried on at Beer Deluxe and Transport, as a replay on the screen helped us piece together some of the play that had seemed to happen all to fast live.

Three very happy Hawkers, all the more excited that we get to be all together at the match this time, given that Jessie was overseas in 2008.

Go Hawks!  Going to be a huge week!

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