Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Seeing NYC Again For The First Time

New York City is one of my favourite cities in the world, and even since that wondrous first visit back in 1999, and my subsequent (five now!!! Ekk!) pop ins, I have always wanted to experience again that excitement of taking it all in for the first time. With Katie coming from Australia to visit me for my last 2 weeks of my trip, I got to do just that, whilst showing her all the things I love about the amazing city!

We stayed out in Brooklyn, in a room in an apartment found on AirBnB, and Kylie spent the first night and couple of days with us also.

Through Katie's eye, I got to walk through the bustle and the neon of Times Square, and take in the full view of the city from the oberservation deck of the Rockefeller Centre.

Pointing out the iconic buildings like the Empire State Building and the Chrysler, and discussing how different the skyline looked with the Twin Towers at the end of the island on my first trips to the city.

Whilst in Times Square we lined up at the TKTS booth for discounted show tickets, and finally decided on seeing Chicago that night. So many to choose from! Seeing a Broadway show was something Katie wanted to do, and it took me back to memories of my first trip, and seeing Beauty And The Beast with Talia.

I took the girls to Grand Central Station, and we eat breakfast and drank coffee sitting on the floor near the doors to the train platforms, taking in the light and the rush of people. One of my favourite places! Such a pretty interior!!

A walk down 5th Avenue, complete with a visit to FAO Schwarz toy world, before exploring Central Park. The girls jumped on bicycles so they could get around to all the places to see, such as the Bethesda Fountain, the Alice In Wonderland sculpture, Strawberry Fields, and the views of the lake and Sheeps Meadow with the city as the backdrop.

This was the first time I had been to NYC in the Summer months, with other visits being bang in the middle of an icey or snowy North American Winter, or around Halloween and the Fall colours. It was hot and humid, sunny and glorious!

There is just so much to see, and so much to do, in New York, and we did not stop for the whole five days we were there. I am certain that I managed to instill my love of NYC in my little sister, although, let's face it, that city will do that to anyone!


  1. Oh the memories! I want to go back in the cooler months. What lovely memories this has brought back.

    1. Ohhh, quite different all covered in snow and it is quite magical with all the Xmas decorations, for sure!

      Happy to trigger your trip memories too, as I work through my NYC posts...there will be a few!

  2. I'll be in New York next weekend so this got me excited. I have been a few times, but I don't think New York every gets old. There is so much to see and do.

    1. Never gets old! Have a great trip next weekend! So many things to discover on each trip!

      Thanks for featuring my post on your social media platforms!


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