Sunday, September 02, 2012

Katie Comes To Visit In Toronto and NYC

For my last week in Toronto, my littlest sister traveled across the globe to visit. She stayed with me and took in the sights we had picked as favourites, or had been saving for her visit. When I was done with my MSW placement, we then headed to NYC for 5 days.

Just like she did when I was away in London, she boarded a flight in Melbourne and I picked her up at the airport at my end. This is favourite sister material indeed! Only making me an auntie would surpass this, surely! (Other sisters, take note!)

Kylie and I had been plotting out the places to take her for dinner each night of the week, and had saved a couple of things in Toronto that I was keen to do during my visit, for this very busy week.

I loved having her come and see my life in Toronto, and have her explore the city that was my home for 3.5 months. And then I loved showing her the sights in New York City, which was kind of special. She's not really that little at all anymore, in fact she probably needs to decide on whether a Working Holiday somewhere is something she wants to do before she gets too old, but she'll always be my little sister and having her visit was such fun.

This collage is collated from photos taken on the outside rim of the CN Tower, with the lighting show and it's colours giving us the backdrop.

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