Saturday, February 02, 2013

Project 52: Friday Morning

Yesterday morning I trekked across Bangkok early to join the line to apply for my visa to Burma. Finding the place in a side street with the help of this post, and this one, I acquired a form from a place down the road, before taking my place in the line. For 2 hours I waited with the throngs of other people, and then finally reached the window inside.

After having my paperwork checked, I then got a number to be called up to the next window, and insisted I needed a same day visa, so that I could leave Bangkok the next day on further travels before heading the Burma. They took my baht and gave me a ticket to return later in the day.

And sure enough, I returned later in the afternoon to collect my passport, which had a new sticker in it. Pretty exciting!

This post is part of Project 52 with Jess from FuShMuSh.

I am actually enjoying doing this series, as it has marked where I am each week in real time, even when my posts are a week or so behind. The next few Project days, however, I expect to be in Burma, away from internet and contact from the outside world, or so I am led to believe. But then Jess is on holidays too during this next 2 weeks, so we will both have to catch up when we are both online again.


  1. It wasn't so bad, was it. Glad our post helped and thanks for the link. Have a great time in Burma.

    1. Was ok with all the right instructions! Thanks again for the tips!
      Burma is AMAZING!!


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