Monday, February 11, 2013

Street Food Stalls Of Bangkok

Picking your way along the streets in Bangkok can be a challenge, with uneven ground, broken footpaths, and traffic coming every which way. The distractions of colour and smells coming from the food sellers does not help at all!

The smells of Bangkok range from the pungent to the sweet and divine - the deep frying of a range of things unseen by me before, can be sweet or savory, the raw fish threaded on skewers ready to be BBQed on the grill right there, and then there is the array of fruit cut up and ready to buy in perfect portions.

The intense heat coming from grills, or pot of steaming noodles or dumplings, adds to the sweat and humidity you feel.

I happened upon an area later in my stay where a school had just got out, and the footpath was filled with kids in uniform, clambering for their favourite snacks. This time was a food sellers dream, with sales frantic, it was also a time and stretch of road where the most, and most varied, stalls were lined up.

All this is a feast for your eyes, as much as your nose, and choosing which to taste is the hard part!


  1. I bet choosing is the hard part!

  2. I am hungry when I came across this post and after reading, I realized I'm already starving. The strawberries looked delicious!


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