Sunday, February 03, 2013

Sunrise Stages Over Angkor Wat

I have been to sunrise ON Angkor Wat, but of the other two times I have been, I had never watching the sun rise behind the iconic temple. This visit I watched the sky gain colour, and the shapes of Angkor appear out of the darkness from the edge of the lotus pond. It was incredible.

Getting there in the dark, a light needed to navigate the uneven-ness of the walkway from the road leading to Angkor Wat, we met up as arranged and then made our way to the edge of the water, to the back left corner.

For some time nothing really happened, other than more tourists arriving in the dark and creating noise around the pond. Imagination made the temple appear now and then....and then there was a hint of light.

Once the pond in front of us took shape, we could see the pink lotus flowers on the surface, and soon the reflection made the early morning rise all worth the effort.

These photos were taken in order, as the sky coloured, and filled with light. Once the sun was actually up much of the crowd moved around a little to capture the ball of light as it showed itself above the ancient city.

Soon enough, the sky was fully lit, and the heat of the sun returned with it's humidity. As did the foreground to the temple, as the tour groups waited for the main attraction to be open for exploration.

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  1. Beautiful photos and description Tash - what a lovely experience. The sky is truly magic and I love to see it change.


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