Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Saturday Walking Market In Chiang Mai

Looking on the map of Chiang Mai, it was clear that this town is very much into their "walking markets", with two long, fairly central, streets dedicated to such on the weekends. I happened to take in the Saturday Walking Market, after wandering around and seeing the city wall. The market begins not far from the wall, just off the city grid.

The colours and the smells, along with the bustling activity, were in full swing when I started my walk down the street.

Tourists and locals alike were making their way along the stalls, checking on the wares, and ready to strike a barginning banter for a desired object or snack.

Clothing, homewares of lamps in all manner of colours and styles, and all sorts of souvenir bits and pieces, were on display. But the food was the most eye-catching potential purchases - from huge vats of pad thai being made before your eyes, to the colourful and enticing array of chopped up fruit.

I succumbed to the fired pumpkin and zucchini flowers, served in a banana leaf - delicious!

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