Sunday, October 13, 2013

Run For Refugees

I took part in the Melbourne Marathon today! Ha! That's something I have always wanted to say! And I did....I had signed up to do the 5.7km Run/Walk. Although due to the weather it was reduced to a 3km walk just before we all took off.

I signed up for two reasons:

The first was to join Camille, who had set herself the goal of doing this walk at her 8 month anniversary of her double lung transplant this year. What a journey! So, I wanted to walk it with her.

The other was because the fundraising effort was for Run For Refugees, so all funds goes to the amazing Asylum Seeker Resource Centre here in Melbourne. A cause that I care about a lot. A service that receives no government funds to provide the assistance they do, and they help so many people here in Melbourne get settled into Australian life.

Our carload filled and we got into the city, watching the weather overhead, and the forecast. We could see many of the full Marathon and Half Marathon runners completing their final stages, as we made our way to the starting point just near Rod Laver Arena.

We joined up with many others with the pink Run For Refugees t-shirts - with some 420 people signing up for it, across all events on the day. It was raining as our group got closer to our starting time.

The starters announced that our 5.7kms was to be cut down to 3kms, due to flooding on one of the bridges across the Yarra River, and concerns for safety.

Nevertheless, the spirit of the event was not dampened, as we set off over William Barak Bridge towards the city, and then back across again to Birrarung Marr and then over the final bridge towards the MCG.

The final stages of our walk had us in a lane next to the Marathon competitors - they looked sore and weary, but what an amazing feat!

Cam did incredibly well, even with the inclines - and considering she is at 47% lung capacity! It was pretty awesome to be with her as she crossed the finish line after our lap of the MCG.

The current tally of funds for the ASRC is at $186,000 at the end of the event, with the hope to get to a record $200,000. You can support Camille's page by donating here. My page is here.

The Marathon is full of amazing and inspiring stories. I am honoured to have been part of one today!


  1. Such a great cause - proud of yo all. The atmosphere would have been amazing.
    I like that black and white pic with the pink tee - is that an app or setting on your camera?

    1. It was really great. And so great for Cam.
      It's just a feature edit of Picasa...which has actually just crashed for me. Hope I can repair it! I love it for all my photos for my blog.


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