Sunday, October 06, 2013

Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and White: Capture The Colour 2013

I'll take just about any excuse to flick through my travel photos from earlier this year, so being nominated by Karin and Keiran on K and K Adventures to submit a post for this year's TravelSupermarket Capture The Colour competition was all the encouragement I needed! For last year's entry, I sifted through my whole collection of photos to pick one for each of the nominated colours - but this year I have featured snaps from India, Burma and Nepal from my trip in February and March.

This little guy in his red apprentice monk robes captured my attention in Old Bagan, in Burma.

The stunning Golden Temple at Amritsar in India is hard to pass up for yellow - I love this photo!

The bluest sky over Kathmandu in Nepal made the prayer flags of the Boudhanath Temple really pop on my morning visit there.

This little one, dressed in green, is almost fully camouflaged by the growth under the U Bein Bridge in Outer Mandalay in Burma.

It's impossible not to include one of the whiter than white shots of the Taj Mahal in India. The marble gives many hues across the day, and at this time, when the sun is high in the late morning, it is at it's more brilliant.

The TravelSupermarket Capture The Colour competition encourages you to nominate 5 more bloggers to put together an entry, so I would like to see a post from Bianca over on Day Jaunts, one from Chrystal on Chrystal Clear, another from Megan from Mapping Megan, one from Karis on Karis Abroad, and Emily on Innocent Nomad.


  1. Great choices! My favorite is the prayer flags and blue sky :)

    1. Thanks Karisa! Looking forward to seeing your selection!


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