Tuesday, October 01, 2013

The Qualifying and Preliminary Finals 2013

Hawthorn finished on top of the AFL Ladder again this year, and September looked exciting. Nerves and jitters of excitement mixed, as all other plan making ability for the month was on hold, total focus was on the Finals Football schedule!

Our first match was a repeat of last year’s Grand Final, and of the final match of the AFL season for 2013. Playing on the Friday night, at the MCG, the Hawks set about to play Sydney . Tickets purchased, and pre-match plans set, we gathered at Riverland for some settling ciders, before making the walk along the Yarra to the biggest stage in Australia.

Such a blockbuster lived up to the hype and anticipation for the first half, with the Hawks up by just one point at the first change, and then scores were level at the Halftime break. But the second half saw Hawthorn in full flight, and blow the team from Sydney away – ending up with a crushing win of 54 points. Wow!

Drinks and some replay watching at the Duke followed, with much footy talk, and a lot of contented smiles!

This massive win afforded us the following weekend off. A treat – a rest for our bank accounts and nerves, and for the team to be fresh and ready for the next hurdle. Watching both games was a must, in anticipation of the competition and our next opponent.

Arch rivals Geelong won their way to meet the Hawks in the Preliminary Final. The siblings and I set out on our preparation for the week by watching the past two mammoth Grand Finals wins against our most feared and respected football opponent, the 1989 and the 2008 wins against them. This made for such an intense and footy-filled week, with much discussions, banter and reminiscing. Watching that fierce 1989 clash had our blood pumping, and boiling, and then there was a screening of a documentary of the same match, from players' perspectives, which only solidified that game as the greatest ever in our view!

Again, sticking to our successful routine to date, we gathered at Riverland for a few drinks, and then made the walk to the MCG. Taking our seats along from the goals, the nerves were high, anticipation at fever pitch!

This game lived up to our fears and anticipation and excitement - an epic battle. Heart-stopping stuff. Such a rollercoaster of emotions.

And when the siren sounded (not that we could hear it over the roar of the crowd!), the Hawks were 5 points in front. WE WERE INTO THE 2013 GRAND FINAL!!! The stronghold that the Cats have had on our team since that 2008 GF was broken. At last.

Drinks and some serious debriefing was done at the Duke once we left the stands of the MCG, before we allowed ourselves to start thinking ahead. Plus, having played on the Friday, we needed to await for our opponent on the biggest footy weekend of the year to be decided.

These games were all the more amazing by being there and experiencing it with two of my sisters, Heath and Mum. Such a family affair, our football passion!


  1. Where's the post for the Grannie?! I thought you would have been all over it! Poor effort.

    1. Coming up! Watching this space, Little Sister!


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