Thursday, October 17, 2013

Scarf At Jorg

A blogger made contact with me, to tell me about some more social enterprise efforts around Melbourne, and through this I discovered Scarf.

The premise of Scarf is to "borrow" restaurants usually closed on a Monday night as Industry night, and put on a two course set menu with trainee staff who have come across challenges finding employment. This training and mentoring program to marginalised youth fosters skills and confidence, and a network from their experience, to help them find employment.

The trainees are young people who are new migrants, who are refugees or asylum seekers, the long-term unemployed, and people with disabilities. They receive a wage, and tutoring to find the role within a top class Melbourne restaurant that suits them best.

Upon reading about it, I made a booking in one of the timed slots on a Monday that suited us, and Carly and Camille met me at Jorg, which was the restaurant being used for the last month or so.

Jorg is a stunning venue, and was filling up at our time slot. The table was adorned with knitted pieces on theme, and then the menu with choices for each course arrived. Such decisions!

I had the Beetroot Carpaccio for entree, which was light and fresh, with gorgonzola dollops. Candied Walnuts, and Witlof to finish it off. Very good.

For mains we all chose the Wet Roasted Lamb Shoulder, with a Parmesean Crust, Dill Potatoes and Bitter Greens. The melted at the touch of the folk, and was incredible!

It did not take much to convince us to have dessert, and I had the Raspberry Tart with Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream. Yum! That and the wine selection made for the perfect, feel-good dinner out!

Our waiter was very attentive, and careful with his clearing and order taking. He told us he has been completing a 10 week program there at Jorg – what an opportunity and leg-up into employment within the hospitality industry.

The next group of Monday night dinners starts next week, at Markov in Carlton, with Kerala Foods producing Indian inspired dishes. Sounds amazing! We are locking in a booking!

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