Sunday, May 04, 2014

A Couple Of Footy Games

I just know already that I am not going to get along to many AFL games this year, because of my FIFO work schedule and loads of travel planned, so in the last respite break at home I have absorbed as many games on TV as I could and also went along to two of the Hawks' games.

The first game of the season I found out the result from another worker in the centre, as a result of wearing my Hawks hat as part of my everyday outfit. The next game I stayed back at the internet room again at work and nervously watched the score tick over, with a close win at the end.

For Round 3, I was home, and at the MCG, rugged up against the cold. The match was the 2013 Grand Final rematch, and the occasion when Hawthorn got to unfurl the Premiership Flag from the previous year.

Disappointingly, the match did not live up to the hype of the rematch, and the Hawks' might blew Freo away this time.

To get to work for each rotation, I am flown from Melbourne to Brisbane before the early morning flight the next day. As chance would have it, the Hawks played the Gold Coast on the Saturday night before my last rotation, Round 4, and I requested an earlier flight to get me there in time for the match.

A train over to the Gold Coast from my airport hotel in Brisbane was pretty easy, albiet and hour long, to get me to Metricon Stadium. The Suns have lots of activities going on around the ground before the match, and I was impressed at the swarm of followers this start-up club has attracted.

Again the Hawks proved too good, blowing the Suns out to a 99 point thrashing. I have seen the Hawks in some incredible form!

In the middle of my work shift was the timing for the Round 5 match, and I stayed back writing reports to watch the heart-hurting end to that match. The Geelong rivalry continues!

The next match I was in flight, getting back to Australia, and learned the score when I landed back in Brisbane. For yesterday’s match I was away at a tropical island getaway for a much needed rest, with limited internet – but got an update at regular intervals, and also a photo of the conditions from the MCG from one of my sisters, and I was more than happy to be where I was!

The Hawks are doing very well so far! Looking forward to scheduling in a few more matches for the season, around my crazy travels.

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