Saturday, May 10, 2014

Good Hope And The Ocean Road

Hitting the road from Cape Town in our little hire car, Laura and I set out to take in the Garden Route, always labelled the most spectacular roadtrip in the world. But before we got to the section dubbed the Garden Route, we drove the Cape and frankly wondered how the Garden Route could top this stretch of beach and mountains and roads along cliff faces.

Making our way through little beachside towns, we navigated through Camps Bay and got to take in the South African 12 Apostles, part of the extended mountain range originating from Table Mountain, and appearing with 12 pillars within the ocean-facing section. Albeit, shrouded in cloud when we saw it, we could still count out the 12 as the clouds and sun would allow us to see.

The roads winding along this stretch were spectacular - the colours of the bays to the right, and the edge of the mountain range directly by the passenger window on the left. Driving on land's edge was hairy at times, but mainly because I wanted to take in the view too!

Taking our time, we kept following the road to get down to the Cape Of Good Hope. Stepping out into the hot sun, and blustering wind once we were within the National Park grounds, we waited patiently behind the tourist throngs to get a photo at the most South-Western point of Africa each.

As we headed away from the Cape, we spotted some colourful beach boxes along Muizenburg, which called out for a photo stop too.

We then put the foot down, and concentrated on getting to the actual Garden Route, and the task of finding more sensational scenery than we had just seen - seriously doubting that that was possible!

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