Monday, May 12, 2014

Melbourne BookCrossing Convention 2014

I have been neglectful of reading for pleasure and in my BookCrossing activities, since my studies consumed all possible free time. But knowing that the International Convention was coming up, I had my eye on the schedule, in addition to my own travel commitments, and they managed to pair up a little to allow me to touch base with the old crew. Even if it was just for an evening.

I happened to be in Melbourne as the Convention was getting started, and managed to attend the Thursday night pre-event event before needing to head off and prepare to go to work again.

The event was a showcase of quirky Melbourne, being Barefoot Bowls. Held at the Thornbury Bowling Club, as I arrived the rest of the attendees were spilling out of a mini-bus after their day trip to the Yarra Valley, and the unpredictable Melbourne drizzle started. Loads of familiar faces, and some new ones, I was greeted like a long-lost member, and quickly pulled into the fold.

The bowls were taken seriously at the start, with a coach from the Club invited along to teach us the ways to roll and the tips for competitive sparring. Once out under the lights and light rain, our group proceeded to just have fun with the big game of bocce, with a lot of laughs.

Dinner was impressive, with kangaroo skewers to show off the Aussie fare to the International guests among the group, as well as a full BBQ. A tower of old-school cupcakes had been made for the event by one of the Club’s long serving members, which was so cute!

Attending this pre-event of the main event, with a small section of the attendees, reminded me of the community around the Melbourne group, and has sparked a desire to reignite my love of reading and book littering again!

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