Friday, August 07, 2009

Blessed and Home Movie

After taking Mum out to breakfast for her birthday, to Piper's by the still very dry Lake Wendouree, I returned to Melbourne and to work, before taking up my next MIFF movies.

I made my way to Greater Union in time to hear the introduction to another premier Aussie film of the festival, Blessed, by the Director Ana Kokkinos. Adapted from the play Who's Afraid Of The Working Class? this film is played out in two parts, the first being the plight of the children. Kids on the streets, runaways, kids looking for trouble and finding it, kids just experiencing the hurt that life can deliver.

The next half is told of these children's mothers, and their experiences. From gambling addiction, abusive or inappropriate relationships, no good, thieving husbands, to the battles of Social Services and being totally down on all luck. Boasting performances from Deborra-Lee Furness, Miranda Otto, and Tasma Walton - and the Footscray area in all it's glory!

Another film that shows the Aussie film making talent and all it's potential, and funded by the MIFF Premiere Fund. The blows at the end of this film are full on, and leave you reeling. To the point that I called my Mum as I was leaving the cinema to tell her that I love her!

After popping home briefly, I made my way back into town and to Greater Union for my late night viewing of Home Movie. Under the Horror genre, this movie is a film debut by the Director, and an unsettling picture of home life!

Shot on handheld cameras, this little film shows that not all is right with the 10 year twins of the couple shotting their home movies. The denial and hope shown by the Pastor and the Child Psychologist, as they deal with the escalating unfolding behaviour by their two offspring is well played - the stunning blow of the crusified cat on Christmas morning is priceless!

An awesome premise, this film doesn't quite get to the peek of it's potential, but is amusing and emotion-stirring nonetheless. The ending had been built up in the synopsis, and didn't have the impact it promised.

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