Saturday, August 22, 2009


Driving back to Melbourne in the middle of the day, I polished off some work before a beer appeared on my desk, signalling the end to a long week. Tidying up, I soon made it to the tea room to catch up with the office after being out and about all week - we seemed to hit the beers more that we have for ages!

A big group joined me for Project 2009 drinks, walking down Queen Street to Flinders Lane, and finding Bligh Place. Down the end of this is Robot, where Mary, Dan, Jess, Tara, Steve, Erin and I all found our way to the bar, in this small downstairs room. Once ordered with drink in hand, we were hassled to move away from the bar, and thus made our way to the mezzanine level.

Adorned with Japanese pieces, and comic book bits, our group drizzled into a much needed relaxed Friday night at this little tucked away bar. A unisex toilet had many patrons confused, and amazingly there was quite a crowd filling the tables outside in the Lane. Another find, for a quiet drink with a small group, this one.

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