Friday, August 21, 2009

Hungry Kids and Bertie

After escaping the threat of having the being 'showered in' to a worksite assessment for work, and also traveling all over the place helping out the Ballarat office at the moment, I took Jo along to meet the gang for dinner at Oscar's.

Meeting up with Katie, Gina, Patto and Sarah, Kylie and Ash, who were amongst cocktails by the time we got there, we soon ordered some pretty great meals actually, and several starting beers.

A group of us then drove over the Camp Street, while some of the lads walked through the cold streets to join us at Karova. Finding that we were not on the banned list after last time, we honored our tickets at the door, received our stamps, and grabbed a beer, just in time.

A band I have been raving about to the gang filled the stage, and the Hungry Kids of Hungary started their set. Putting out their harmonies, switching lead vocals and musical talent, they made their way through their 2 EPs, with All You Need To Know, Old Money, Scattered Diamonds, and Set It Right. They tried out a couple of new ones, and a very fresh track, plus Two Stones which stood out for me, and finished with Good Times.

Ducking to the loo between sets, I managed to wait in line with the main act of the night, before grabbing another beer, and settling in for Bertie Blackman. Opening with her booming Thump from her new album, this little songstress with her quirky hair sweeps had the room enchanted.

Working her way through most of the new album, Clocks was a highlight, as was Come To Bed. A haunting cover of Phil Collins In The Air was amazing in the encore, before closing with the Sky Is Falling.

As the room started to empty, the DJ started in with That Beep, by AIH, which started all the madness last time we were at Karova on a school night! Jo, Katie and I called it quits then, knowing that the working day would hurt if we didn;t!

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