Thursday, August 13, 2009

Opening Campari House

After being prayed for today at work, I packed up as fast as possible, to head out for a much needed, and may I say, deserved, drink! I had received a random invite to an opening of a new bar for tonight, and given the drive of Project 2009, I RSVPed in the interest of research. And hey, anything for a mid week drink!

Campari House is in Hardware Lane, and just a stone's throw from the office. Walking the red carpet and having my named check off at the door, I went in, picked up my free champagne, and joined Melissa, Wendy, Ang and Emily to check out this new establishment. Downstairs was filling, as we scored a canape as they went past, and heard about the different levels of the bar.

Finishing our drinks, we decided to start from the top, the astro turf rooftop bar. Complete with heaters to take off the winter air, and wall of old rustic doors to add to the atmosphere, we managed to sign up as members as we downed another round of free drinks.

Down another level, we scored a private booth, adorned with old newspaper clippings and personal bar service. The bar has been re-opened for 2 weeks, apparently, and has many of the old fixtures of the old establishment. An old ball and chain from Port Arthur is at the foot of the final stairs, if that works for you!

Finding Jenny and Kata on this level, we again finished our round of drinks, and made our way to the second level, which is a classy function room. Here we were offered more canapes, and another round of drinks, and wound down to the end of a drinking school night.

Great initiative to get people out to experience the new bar, which was packed on this night on all levels. I can totally see this as a place to start off, or for rooftop drinks, for sure. Very impressed with the effort of the night, the decor and feel, and general set up. Loved it!


  1. Why were you prayed for at work?

  2. It was a prayer for each person by my client, for each person in the meeting....scary! Ha!


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