Sunday, August 16, 2009


Having grabbed tickets to Pericles some months ago, Mary, Jenny and I went into town yesterday, and had brunch at Time Out in Fed Square, ready for an afternoon with Marcus.

Pericles is a play that Shakespeare had a hand in, purportedly in adapting it from a poem, although supposedly leaving it incomplete, being one of his last.

The Bell Shakespeare production had promient drums on either side of the stage as a feature, and the larger than life Marcus Graham as Pericles.

The plot was actually quite complicated and fantastical, with twists and plots to kill, people coming back from the dead, and daughters led into a bordello only to be offered to the shipwreaked and broken Pericles. Such a strange aray of twists here, we were grateful for the synopsis handout!

Some good performances, great music throughout, and our fix of Marcus for the season!

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