Saturday, August 15, 2009

Meyers Place Bar

Project drinks this week were aligned with our need to be moving from work towards the MCG for the footy. Meyers Place Bar was drawn from the pack, meeting our criteria.

We had actually inadvertedly drank here back in the first week, when patrons were spilling out into the alley from both opposite bars. This Friday night however, it was cold and there was no need to hover outside for long. I actually had my first away from work beer at Loop, where Jenny, Amy and Shane had set up camp at the bar.

I ducked across the alley and to our destination for my second beer, and met up with Rick, before being joined by Melissa, Nick and Greg, and Yusif, as we prepared for the evening of footy.

Lauded as one of the city's first hidden alley bars, the interior was a fairly nondescript space, empty one minute, packed the next.

Sadly this bar was the highlight of our night, with a disappointing defeat to Adelaide for the Hawks.

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