Saturday, August 08, 2009

Eternal Nightcap

Planning to go to Emerald Peacock for Project drinks this week, and for Jule's birthday, we were turned away at the door, being told we were not on the list, and didn't have a reservation. Rich, considering our group called during the week to do exactly that, and were told that it wasn't needed, nor done.

DC, Dan, Nikki and I walked around the corner instead, back to a favourite of the Project thus far, Section 8. Winter version this visit, the little caged corner of the back alley is sporting a roof from the elements, meaning little lanterns and lights around creating a great atmosphere. We were soon joined by Melissa, Springer, Melissa, and Rick for more drinks.

Devouring red wine by the glassful, Melissa, Nikki and I soon needed to jump in a cab and head to Richmond, for the gig at The Corner. Making our way to the middle of the bandroom, drinks in hand, we prepared for The Whitlams to grace the stage.

Unbeknown to me, these shows were the Eternal Nightcap shows, which gave us the treat of seeing and hearing the album played lived, from start to finish! Amazing! Opening with No Aphrodisiac, Tim and the band worked their way through this much favoured and much loved list, from Buy Now, Pay Later, and rarely heard live Love Is Everywhere.

Tim was lead vocal for all the tracks, including Where's The Enemy and the Dylan cover Tangled Up In Blue. With the ringing of the raging Band On Every Corner still hanging over the crowded Corner, the band then played a vast selection of tracks from all over albums.

I think I heard near all of my favourite tracks, with Fall For You, Duffy's Song, and ending with Royal In The Afternoon. The night found the setlist sung in unison across the packed house, in a celebration of this perennial Aussie band.

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