Monday, August 10, 2009

Inglourious Basterds and Pippa Lee

After watching the footy beemed into our lounge room, and watching the Hawks be overrun and out played by an impresive St Kilda, I eventually headed into town for my very late night MIFF session. Having missed gaining a ticket to the first 2 sessions listed for this film, it was added as an additional session, and I managed to score a seat!

Joining the line around the corner at Greater Union for the 10.45pm session, the lines were completing headline movies, but I was in to see Inglourious Basterds. Tarantino was a guest of the Festival this year, and had captured much attention for this film.

Starring Brad Pitt, the film opens in Nazi Germany, with a Jew Hunter seeking out a hidden family. One escapes just in time, and is later found set up in France, running her own cinema. She soon finds herself in the affections of a war hero, who's heroics are to be premiered in a film - which he decides should be shown at her little establishment. The film premier grows as a German national pride moment, and she finds that the Fuher himself is to attend.

Meanwhile, Brad's character has bound together a team of US soldiers to spread fear amoung the Nazi regime. Scalping and crazy accents ensue this rabble team's work, along with the humour and layers of a Tarantino.

Such a great film! Very impressive, as only Tarantino can be!

My final MIFF movie was another one that Jenny and I had in common, and we met at seats in the cinema at Greater Union tonight. The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee stars Robyn Wright-Penn, and tracks the life of Pippa Lee as she reflects on her relationships, decisions, and how it is she has ended up with a frail husband and living in a retirement village, as a middle aged woman.

Unfortunately, the sound dropped out of our screening on a couple of occasions, showing up the wrath of perhaps over-movied Festival patrons! This drop did occur for the second time right at the point where Keanu Reeves character started his monolouge telling us about his life thus far...and was not recovered for us.


  1. Really? I loved Tarantino's early work but Kill Bill turned me off for good.

  2. Well, I loved the Kill Bills, so that may not help you with a return to Tarantino!!


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