Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Gold Mountain and Double Happiness

Drawing out New Gold Mountain this week from the Bar Secrets pack of cards for Project 2009 drinks, Erin, Dan, MJ and I made our way down to a little alley off Bourke called Liverpool, to find this destination. Spotting a big, unmarked but oriental themed door, but having some hestitation, we were urged to enter by Springer, who had arrived just in time to lead us atray!

This little dark bar had a good selection of beverages, including our measure, Mount Gay. We snappled up a table, scoped out the crowd, and then unwound for the end of the week.

Having spotted Double Happiness just next door, at a different floor level, we had our required round of drinks at destination one, and moved to the sister bar, to check this one out too. Finding a spot at the boxes at the back, surrounded by the similar themed decor, we devoured more Mount Gay, as a way to introduce it to the uninitiated MJ and Dan. They may never think of rum the same - nor should they!

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