Sunday, December 11, 2005


After work on Friday night I hopped on a train down south to Brighton. In less than an hour, and thus, less time than it would have taken to trek home from work, I arrived in the seaside town to meet Dom.

A few pints at the pub, and then Chinese for dinner, Dom and I, and her friend Zoe, got to catch up and chat for the evening.

Yesterday we walked along the shore from Hove, where Dom's lovely apartment is, all the way along past the shell of the old pier, and then up to the amusement rides at the Brighton Pier. Very much like walking along in St Kilda, being near the sea was gorgeous. The cheesy carnival style music delivered 'Last Christmas' by Wham! as we checked out the flashing lights and the rides, which is always the indictator for me that Christmas is near, and there is no more denying it! Oh dear!

We then walked inland a little to see the beautiful Royal Pavilion, and too a tour inside to see the amazing rooms and stunning pieces throughout. We then stopped in Queen Adelaide's Tea Rooms for some cream tea - how very British!! (More photos.)

We walked around town to wander through the South Lanes and the North Lanes, where Christmas shopping and the tourist crowd was bustling. So very cute and funky are little stores tucked away in the cobbled lanes here. Would be great if I had lots of money for shopping!

This afternoon when Dom finishes work, we will meet for lunch before I return to London. It's so good to see Dom, and now I understand why she has settled down here instead of the big smoke!

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