Saturday, December 03, 2005

Work Xmas Party

Yesterday everyone in the office was counting down the hours till we could rush out of there. When our designated "get ready" time finally arrived, I dashed out and schlepped (Jenny uses that Swedish word so often, I no longer know the proper English equivalent - what would it be, dragged my arse?!?) across town to change. The dress I had worn to Katie's 21st had arrived in the mail just in time (Thanks a million, Mum!!), and so I was ready for the big HCML Xmas party.

A tube ride back across to the Hilton London Kensington in time for drinks, the evening began. The tables were decked out with bonbons, and the wine was flowing! Dinner was very nice, all three courses, and then the dancing began.

(More photos)

Awards went around for Best Dressed, Sexist Male, Sexist Female, and Best Bum after considerable and careful voting by all, and thus the silliness kicked off. It was such a fun night, all dressed up and a chance to have fun with the full gang from work.

Heather, myself, Anna, Chantal and Charlotte
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For the first time since...well, when would it be...back in 2002....around March, I actually liked the job I am in. I have survived my second performance review, and am starting to get to a point where I can get things moving on cases. Life is good!


  1. Uh, schlepp is not Swedish, Mate. Its Jewish, or Hebrew or something. I learned it off The Nanny.

    Your Swedish had better improve a lot over the next three weeks Mate.

    Learn this phrase off by heart:
    Du ar snygg, vill du ligger med mig?


  2. I am morified that a) you have admitted quoating from The Nanny, b) that you watched The Nanny enough to be able to quote from it, and c) that you have used the word enough to make me say it!! How embarrassing!!

    Does that Swedish phase mean "Yes please, a beer would be lovely"? If not - you need to teach me things I can use!! Hee hee!


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