Sunday, December 04, 2005

Chelsea match

Getting up feeling a little hungover and getting transport to the footy for a Saturday afternoon game - was all very nostalgic for the real footy today...although with so many differences!

I met Charles, and his mates Travis and Adam at Stamford Bridge in Fulham for the Chelsea v Middlesbrough match. Now this is part of the English Premier League. This photo here is Chelsea warming up.

Getting through the gates, I had to surrender the lid to my bottle of water. It took awhile for me to understand what the steward wanted - apparently worried about potential missiles. Hmmm.

Of the 41 666 people there this afternoon, I think there was a handful of opposition supporters, but they were all sitting in the one place. Can you see the Middlebrough fans in the corner of the stand in this photo? Surrounded with shoulder to shoulder police! Scary! Apparently when you order your tickets for a game there is a warning that is opposition supporters sit in the general area, they will be thrown out!
And yes, those are heaters all the way along the top of our stand!!

The atmosphere during the match was electric - even when nothing was really going on on the pitch. The Chelsea crowd sang, and chanted and clapped almost all the way through the afternoon. The noise was electric, and very impressive. About 10 000 men singing and carrying on. Love that stuff!!

The stadium erupted when a goal was scored by Chelsea, in the 62nd minute. It was like they had got into the Grand Final or something!! Hugs all round, and even the Manager, Jose Mourinho (one of the hottest older men alive!!) gave Terry a hug after he scored. All very funny, to me!

One reason soccer will never hit the big time for me though, is the circus surrounding injuries. Today one of the Chelsea players went down, and writhed in what looked like agony. Considering how the player was carrying on, and the instant stopping of play, I thought he must have broken his leg. Perhaps there was even bone sticking out, given the reaction. So they run out the lifeboat size stretcher, and by the time it gets out to him, he is standing, and miraculously he hobbles and hops off to the sidelines. The game continues, and what do you know? The player ends up running back on seconds later, physically unhindered! It's just silly!! What a bunch of sooks.

It was quite fun, and such an experience going to a real soccer match. I still don't really know the intricaces of the game, nor why they do most things, but seeing it live, and being able to see all the movement all over the pitch was better than on telly, for me. Also got to see the giant Viduka in action too - see you in Germany in June, Mark! Hee hee!

Oh yeah, and Chelsea won 1-0. (More photos)

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