Monday, December 26, 2005

The Magic of a White Christmas

After a late breakfast today, and a chance to chat to home, we headed outside to see Uppsala. And right on clue, the snow started to fall.

At first it was just wispy little bits, but then it got heavier and thicker, and settled whilst we were looking inside the Cathedral. Coating the small town with a white layer - we got our White Christmas!

Crunchy and slippery under foot, we wandered through in awe, soaking in the magic, and the perfect timing of it all. Was so gorgeous!

We walked around the big castle in town, and the university buildings, and then along the river and main streets - all while the snow was falling, and settling.

It's still falling now, adding to the blanket from this afternoon, and looks like settling in for the night.

God Yul! God Yul to all!!

(More photos)

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