Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Looks like I have finally completed that pesky little Masters I have been chipping away at since 2002. I have been invited to attend a graduation ceremony, and it says "completed" on the result page on the web...although one of the individual units says not finalised. Half holding my breath!!

But surely all good, though, and now I get to add "MICD" to the letters after my name! Cool!

So, that's a Master of International and Community Development, if you don't mind! I may never get to use it, although I'll have the HECS/PELS/HELP debt forever!!! Lucky me.

Of course, I certainly didn't manage this all on my own. Big thanks to Michelle, for those years were she completed my research for me (librarians can be useful!!). And a big hats off to Jen for her contribution this year. Hee hee.

Now, for the big challenge - I need some people to take it upon themselves to sabotage ANY attempts of mine to ever study again. Active sabotage, seriously! Unless I can show enough saving to cover the lifestyle I am accustomed to for the full duration of any proposed study plans, without the need to work for that period, with cricket trip allowances (!!), destroy all applications, information about, and all paperwrok for any crazy further study ideas. PLEASE!!!!! I can't imagine this popping up again, cos this one was painful - but just in case insanity calls!!

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