Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pub Crawl Drop In and Jo's 30th

Yesterday, after frantically trying to locate a place to complete my democratic duty with the local, compulsary Council election, I met Nikki in the city, and we travelled over to South Melbourne to meet up with Melissa and Katie, who were mid-pub crawl.

We joined them at The Railway, which I think was their 5th pub. The group included Melissa's housemates, Nick and Greg, and had the lads in Merry Christmas santa hats, and the girls in Ho!Ho!Ho! santa hats.

The crawl they were following was the Albert Park-South Melbourne crawl from the The Victorian Imbibers Club website - which is just giving me ideas!! The group had also put together rules/challenges for each pub, drawn out before each change. Things like the hopping pub, where they had to hop between sips of their pots. The Railway's challenge was to aquire a business card.

The next pub was The Montague, after a long and misguided walk, where the quite gathering inside didn't know quite what to make of the rowdy group, with everyone speaking in a Pommy accent, and Pom Greg having to speak Aussie! Hilarious!

We then moved on to The Albert Park, very art deco outside, funky wood modern inside, before the Hotel Nest. This pub was drawn as a 'No Slash Pub' so everyone was trying to down their pt quickly, to allow the group to move on to the next! Nikki and I left the group at this point, and trammed back into the city.

Great crawl, great idea with the rules and tasks for each pub. Will definately have to complete it someday next year!

We found our way to Charlie's Bar in Hardware Lane, for Jo's 30th birthday. We joined Kate and Mark, and Michelle, and soon Stacey and Andrew for the countdown to midnight to celebrate turning 30 with beautiful Joey.

More work mates joined us, with Stevie, Christina and Dan, and much later Patrice and Leno. Big bucket glasses of Hoegaarden beer, champange, and all sorts of other combinations later, designated dave me drove people home at the end of a very long, and fun day. Happy Birthday Joey Mac!

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