Saturday, October 10, 2009


Last night, with daylight still blazing on as drinks are consumed in the lunch room at work, one needed reminding that we no longer need the darkness to be reminded to move on! I made my way down through the Mall, and around the corner, to discover Rainbow Alley and a little tucked away bar for Project drinks.

Cabinet is a long room, with an awesome balcony over looking Swanston Street and the hussle going on there always, entered from a back alley through a barely labeled door and stairway. I arrived there, knowing Melissa was not far away, ordered beers, and grabbed a table, looking like I was drinking with my imaginary friend.

Surrounded by dark walls, and ornate funky mirrors, Melissa joined me, and we had a long overdue catch up. My sisters are pretty amazing! Talking non-stop, we took in the select crowd, and the food that was delivered around us.

Deciding to go searching for a late meal, we walked the length of the bar to check out the balcony, which was heated, and quite an impressive bird's eye view of the heart of Melbourne, before wandering down to Chinatown for a feed.

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