Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cox Plate

Having a little get-ready party at mine, I had a spread of croissants and pastries, champers, and vodka. All the necessities of a solid start to a day at the races! Melissa, Greg and Nick come over to get started for the day, and Mary and Jenny joined us, before we got a cab to Moonee Valley.

Arriving at the races with a strategy, we each made a dash to the bar for a bottle of champagne each, and then found our spot on the lawn, with the thousands of other punters.

Dan found us on the lawn, and was soon followed by Nikki, Bec, and Alissa. Melissa started to unpack some of the goodies she bought with us, and we were set. The sun was blazing, and all was good.

The afternoon consisted of bottomless champers, sun, and a veiled attempt of paying attention to the horses making noise just over the fence. Mary and I were hanging for the appearance of Daryl Braithwaite for the tradition of The Horses...but no deal this year.

Young Jess found us, as we had more dips and carrot sticks, and salad from our disposable cooler, and the champers started to run out. Luckily, or perhaps unneccessarily, we had our stash of 'special water'. Plans were made for purchases of appropriate mixes, and then the 6 pack of water was cracked, with fresh glasses again from the cooler for our tip-over drink.

As the crowd started to file out of the Valley, we looked very sensible with water, and it was probably a great idea, just quietly. A bit of vodka, mixed with a long day of champers and sun, certainly made the day large.

We walked out, leaving the races behind, and made our way out to the streets of Moonee Ponds. Our plan was to walk to an after party in the area, and we managed to negotiate the streets in the right direction.

I was encourgaged not to enter our chosen establishment by the bouncer, and thus Greg and I found ourselves at KFC for a much needed feed. The rest of the group finished their round at the bar, and then rejoined us.

We soon found ourselves at another bar, with a seedy, sticky dancefloor, and cheesy 80s dance tunes. Perfect for a boozy end to a very fun day at the races!

Certainly couldn't tell you who won the Cox Plate, or any of the other races, and since I don't bet, I didn't lose any cash either. I think the group came out fairly even in that regard, so all in all, a top day out!

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