Saturday, October 31, 2009


With a pub crawl, or the races, on the cards for the weekend, this weeks Project drinks was a small catch up at a bar out of the pack, for just a handful of us. Mary, MJ and I made it down from our office, before Jenny joined us.

Walking up to this bar in Alfred Place, there were people spilling out of Comme in formal suits and formal dresses. In our neat casual Friday work wear, we were clearly not the usual clientele. Inside was more of the same, with very dressed up business garb everywhere.

There was a function upstairs, atop of the gorgeous white marble stairs. The main bar downstairs was to the right, with the bar the central point, and people clustered and loudly competing for the most lucrative work anecdote from the week. We grabbed a beer, and found a table around to the other side of the bar.

A beautiful, vast and white space, this place is clearly the posher of the bars we have found in our bar secrets pack. Perhaps one for impressing clients, or trying to land a rich, work-obsessed husband!

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