Saturday, October 24, 2009

Claire Bowditch

Adding Double O to the Project 2009 event for our destination based on a Qantas review, found us wanting, as it's not longer there. It was behind the nondescript door next to Sister Bella, but no more. Walking around the Swanston Street area, we settled on a beer at Three Degrees for the Project drinks.

Sitting outside, in the courtyard of QV, in the daylight of early Summer, Dan, MJ and Mary and I had our customary beverage, before Dan and I made our way to the the suburb of Thornbury, and found a spot for dinner.

Finding Thornbury Theatre along High Street, we walked in here and up the huge marble stairs, to a venue that seemed like a place fit out for a school deb ball or formal. The crowd who had booked dinner and the show were winding down their final mouthfuls, and drinks, at their candlelit tables.

Claire entered the room from the back, surrounded by the crowd, and 3 accompanying vocalists, Aluka. She played Between The Tea and the Toast acoustic, as she made her way to the stage. Autumn Bone was next, and amazing and then When The Lights Went Down.

This night was about a preview into new material for an upcoming album, and recently released single, Start Of War. Claire and the girls gave us a taste of the flavour of this album, with their 80s influenced change of outfit, with sparkles, and the dance moves. She also gave the stage up for the room to taste the talent of her backing vocalists, about to release an EP in their own right.

You Looked So Good returned to older material, and was enchanting, and one of my favorites. She's so engaging on stage, chatting as she prepares for each song, with a story. On This Side was performed with a friend Claire coaxed up onto stage, she ended the night with crowd favourite Divorcee at 23.

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