Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sarah Blasko

We had planned to go to MoVida Next Door for a pre-gig drink as part of the Project, however it was jammers when we got there, and the idea was soon ditched. A quick bite was grabbed along Flinders Street, as Kylie, Katie, Nicole and I met up ready for the night.

As we entered the beautiful Forum interior, El Perro del Mar played her solo set. A Swedish connection for Blasko, as this is where she has recorded her new album.

The floor below the stage filled, and soon the room grew quiet and dark...and Sarah Blasko emerged on stage, in a puffy white sculpture of a dress. She stood under an old style street lamp, to a dreamy background straight out of a fairytale.

Opening with Down On Love, as her new album does, she moved through this most amazing setlist entirely from the album. With one of my favourites off the album, Hold On My Heart, she opened a panel from the front of her dress to reveal a rainbowed heart.

With just Sarah and her mesmerising voice on stage, she hauntingly called out the catchline from Is My Baby Yours?, leaving the packed Forum stock still and listening.

This oh so amazing album continued, as she worked through tracks like We Won't Run and All I Want. Her voice is just stunning, and I can't rave about this show enough. Playing the album in it's entirety, but not strictly to order, the pinnacle of No Turning Back revealed further scope to the dress, with Sarah's shoulders folding out to concertina an array of shape and colour.

With the end of the 12 album tracks from As Day Follows Night, Sarah steps from front and centre of the stage, to the right, and treated us to two of the tracks from the bonus disc with the album, Cinema Blasko. Telling us how she had always wanted to do the track, she intro-ed Seems Like Old Times. Sarah then explained that whilst there was a movie of the same title, the song that came from it was lovely - and she proceeded to give us her beautiful version of Xanadu.

A set break, and a change of clothes, Sarah returned to stage in a more everyday outfit, to play a selection from her previous releases. Hammer was gorgeous. Amazing Things and Always Worth It were in there, with {explain} rounding out an amazing display of one of the best Aussie singer/songwriters around today.

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