Saturday, December 19, 2009


I made it back down to Melbourne after a crazy day of crisis, spray tan and rain, and traffic madness to meet Jenny at the Arts Centre and the little side theatre, Black Box. We were booked to see B.C., which caught our eye due to the casting inclusions.

Walking into the tiny room, and grabbed an unallocated seat, the crowd filing in were bemused by the young man sitting on stage, on a bench, messily eating fired chicken. Calling out sporadically, making strange comments and inane observations, Dylan Young played intellectually disabled and bird obsessed Gabriel.

Nicole De Silva, much loved Stella in Rush, played Mary, in a modernised Aussie neighbourhood Immaculate Conception story. Our love of Rush and Stella and Michael meet here, with Ashley Zukerman playing a wog Joseph - complete with tracksuit and accent of the 'hood. And very well done at that.

This portrayal of the bible story has themes ranging from coming of age, carer roles, cancer and sickness anxiety, family dysfunction, hinted incest, disability discrimiation, and a developing love story between our two main actors.

Funny, cringe worthy and heart warming all at once, the play left a feeling of distaste at the modern suburban existence...and yet faith also.

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