Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jersey Boys

Before Katie heads off to the other side of the world to have Xmas with Jessie, Melissa thought that we could all get together as a little family, as Mum's Xmas present, and see Jersey Boys. The actual event was to be a surprise for Mum, and amid her protests and proclimations of all the things she wouldn't like, Melissa struck a winner with this one.

Driving down in the belting and sudden rain, we met Melissa at my house, and had her lovingly prepared dinner. Bless her! Risotto and wine, and strawberries dipped in chocolate, this served as our family Xmas meal, bon bon popping included.

We found a dream park not far from the Princess' Theatre, and between rain showers, made our way inside and to our seats.

The story of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. Opening with a French version of Oh What A Night, and the announcement that this track was Number 1 (in France) in 2000, all these years after the boom of The Four Seasons, we are then taken back to the beginning and the discovery of Francis' voice, Bob Gaudio's songwriting, and the path to fame and chart topping hits. The stage show also takes you behind the scenes, and tells the stories behind the men, their mistakes and trouble they find themselves in, and the battles this leads within the group.

Breaking through to the charts, and before us on the stage, with Sherry, the show led us through the different starts and formations of the band, and then their big hits like Walk Like A Man, and Can't Take My Eyes Off You.

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