Sunday, December 06, 2009

Passports with Purpose

Reading about Caitlin's contribution of 2 awesome prizes to the Passports With Purpose fundraiser, I have discovered a cause that must have the word spread! Passports With Purpose are raising funds to build a school in rural Cambodia, something I am very much passionate about.

Passports With Purpose are a group of travel bloggers around the world, putting their blogs and readership's attention to worthy use!

Passports with Purpose

Looking at the details of the American Assistance for Cambodia (AAfC)/ Japan Relief for Cambodia (JRfC), they have managed to assist many villiages in rural Cambodia so far, with the map littered with the individual school, and personal accounts of the positive impact this has had to teachers, students, and the community.

They have almost met their fundraising target, however there are many additions that can be contributed to a small community, that will bring education, and empowerment to the children in villages. $10US will get you an entry into the raffle, of some very impressive prizes. So jump over, pledge a donation, maybe win a great prize, but more importantly, make a different in a Khmer communities lives and future.

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  1. Thanks for your support! Good luck - I hope you win a prize.

    We have met the initial goal of $13,000 so the school will definitely be built. Our new goal is $26,000, which will add a health package - school nurse, vegetable garden and free meals, and water filters.


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