Sunday, December 20, 2009

Xmas Casino Royale

Friday night was our work Xmas party, and having the theme of Casino Royale, the preparations led to discussions about fur, bling, beehives and poker! What else!

Arriving into the Southbank area after spending an hour at the hairdresser, Mary met me on the tram and we soon located the Queens Loft, under Kings Way. My hairdresser was loving my request for a beehive, and demands for more height. She fussed for so long....and I loved it!

Mary and I met up with many of the Melbourne girls, all in black, some white, and sparkles. For a couple of drinks I was the only colour in the room, before the Ballarat crew arrived!

The room was decked out with a roulette table, a blackjack and poker tables, with a patient and cheeky dealer at each, handing out play chips, and coaxing winning decisions, as we all drank, giggled and caught up over the night.

Not having a clue about card games (except blackjack after many drinks), and not really into gambling, my attention span for the games was limited. Everyone had such fun, and it was a great idea for the night's activities.
As the top money maker of the night was announced, and then our funny office awards were given out, I was awarded the Consultant with the craziest clients of the year. Ahhh, the memories of all those bizarre referrals!

After some dancing, the group soon made our collective way across the road to a bar in the real Casino. I have a vague memory of having to climb over a massive pot plant to skip walking the long way around to get into the Casion, by my General Manager and Regional Manager nonetheless....amazingly I don't actually remember how that happened....probably for the best!

More drinks in a bar at Crown, led to a very late dash to McDonald's, before the Regional girls headed back to their hotel room, and I hung out for a bit before getting a taxi home. What a great night, and a top way to finish off a very hard worked year!

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