Saturday, December 05, 2009

Howling Bells

Making my way to The Corner Hotel, I met Maria and Gina inside the venue in time for a beverage and to catch the second act of the evening. Three piece Canvas Kites arrived on the side stage, and played their indie rock tracks, to an engaged audience. Mary arrived during this set, and we all enjoyed the Kites' Wayside, intense drumming, and a new little band discovery with potential.

We then made our way to the front area of the main stage, in preparation for the start of the Howling Bells, to a not quite full bandroom. An Aussie band who now call London home.

A couple of tracks in, Low Happening really starting the evening, with the crowd responding. Juanita was so enchanting in her London style sequined top, chatting and joking with the crowd, and dancing with her bandmates. And her voice is just amazing!

A Ballad For The Bleeding Hearts and Setting Sun featured, and Broken Bones was amazing, and the song that stuck in my head for the rest of the night.

Nightingale had the crowd contributing to the percussion, and Treasure Hunt was a clear favorite. The band's reproduction of their album sound was near perfect, and really impressed.

A one track encore left the droud wanting more, and would surely ensure a sold out gig next times these guys are in town.

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