Monday, November 29, 2010

Brisvegas: Ashes

I picked Melissa up on Friday night from work, and we drove out to the airport for our flight to Brisvegas for the weekend. Following regular, alarmist weather warnings coming over the radio all afternoon, we found that the airport was in a bit of chaos as a result of the thunderstorms - which resulted in a 2 hour delay for us, easily wasted in the Qantas Club.

With all flights seeming to land at the same time just before midnight local time into Brisbane airport, a mammoth line for a taxi greeted us, before we could make our way to check in, and crash for the night.

The next morning, however, we were up early and down to the river to catch the City Cat, to get to the 'Gabba for the day. Too easy. Finding a pub with a BBQ set up for punters on the way to the cricket, we grabbed the perfect breakfast for the day ahead. We met Belinda at the gate, and then found our seats in the front row ready for the days play.

Sitting and soaking in the sun, and the Aussie batting display, Melissa and I popped across the road for cheeky full strength beers at lunch, at the Aussie Nash, with a bunch of the Barmy Army. We were also treated to a cracking partnership by Hussey and Haddin for the day.

Starting to hear of a rumour that there was a Pimm's bar on the other side of the ground, Melissa, Belinda and I went to check it out, to find Clive was spot on. Pimm's, including the added fruit bits and mint leaves, were perfect in the humid Queensland heat.

At the end of play, we went to the Pineapple Hotel for a few drinks, before Melissa and I managed to get back to the river and the City Cat took us back to our hotel. Up again the next morning we did it all again, including the breakfast stop, but for a much less exciting days cricket!

Our weekend of cricket and Summer ended with a few jugs at the German Club, before getting a cab back to the airport for just a 30 minute delay on our flight this time!

Today, being back in the office, the news as it feed through my screen showed that the pattern of good day, rubbish day, good day....continued, with the day, and test, ending with a handshake.

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