Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Hungry Kids, Basics and Clare

Three gigs in a row, three great Aussie bands, each promoting newly released albums. All good!

Saturday night Katie and I went out to Karova to see the Hungry Kids Of Hungray. It turns out Dean's parents are from the 'Rat, as he referred to it, and has lots of family here - that impressed the local crowd. Playing almost all the tracks from their newly released debut album, they added Arrest This Heart and Old Money from the previous EPs to the set list. Ending with Buddy Holly, a Weezer cover, perhaps as a response to the recent online discussions about their name.

Sunday night I met up with Nicole and Mary at the Northcote Social Club, for the second of 2 shows by The Basics, to launch their live album (Which you can download for free at that link). We made it into the bandroom for the second support of the evening was Georgia Fair, who certainly captured the crowd's attention. Sounds of Angus Stone, some great tracks were displayed, before the boys from The Basics graced the spiderweb draped stage, dressed for the Halloween date. Opening with The No 1 Cause of Death Amoung Youth Today, then U R The 1, before With This Ship, the show was showing signs of being one of the best. The first half of the gig was amazing, with the boys at their best, with banter and harmony. But then perhaps the level of alcohol hit for one of the band, and there was tetchiness, and perhaps some evidence as to basis for the planned extended break coming up for the band. An awesome cover of Roxanne, plus Just Hold On, had Wally showcasing his talents. Tim was also in full flight, with witty comebacks and crazy dance moves. Kris, though, was reminiscent of one May gig. Hopefully, their talk of not playing together again for some time will prove me wrong about them being The Band Who Cried Wolf!

Last night Jessie, Katie and I met in Chinatown for dumplings, before finding our way to the gorgeous Forum, and it's starry roof. Glenn Richards was one of the supports for the night, and despite just releasing his solo album, he was sullen and lacklustre...and didn't grab the crowd with any of his new material. He managed to get some attention by finishing with Augie March's One Crowded Hour. In complete contrast, Clare Bowditch entered the stage, aglow with a beaming, infectious smile. Playing the 80s-pop Casio influenced new tracks, with a sprinkling of the much loved songs of her back catalogue, she chatted and told stories to her adoring audience. The new Prinz Willy was just beautiful. And favourites like Divorcee At 23, Lips Like Oranges, and the amazing You Looked So Good, were so very good. Love her!


  1. Hey Tash, funny that you thought I was a bit off in the 2nd half of Sunday's set - I thought it was our best show ever!

    It's not uncommon that we're misread though - often Wally's in a crap mood and people think he's loving it, and likewise with Tim and I. Sometimes we just like to "play the villain" too.

    Anyway, thanks heaps for coming along, had a ball! :)

  2. Thanks for the visit, and the comment, Kris!

    Just a mere observation on your behaviour, and the perceived effect it had on the second half of the gig. I am sure you will find many alternative rave reviews for you and the lads on this blog, though.

    Maybe just another blogger with an iPod and access to Last.fm...but who also makes efforts to come and see you play.

    Hope to see you guys play again in Melb, or indeed Ballarat, in the near future!


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