Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cracking Start: Ashes

Waking to the belting rain here in Ballarat, I was home this morning to keep chipping away at my final essay for the year, which just happened to coincide with the start of the Ashes series. Having the coverage on in the background in the lead up to the start of play, they re-played the opening ball 4 years ago to the day, which just built the anticipation even more.

The anthem had me focused completely, and seeing Dougie there in the line-up as 12th man, with his hand and his baggy green on his heart reminded me of the essence of the pride and passion of our team. As they showed the team prepare to run out, it felt more exciting than Xmas!

Sitting in front of the telly for the first ball, the excitement of the beginning of the series we have all been talking about had me glued. Third ball, Hilf had the English captain out for a duck. Cracking start!

Deciding to leave the house, knowing that I would not get any essay writing done, and feeling envious of everyone at the 'Gabba, I ran a personal errand and got to my desk at the office just as Watson got the second wicket of the day. Nice.

After a couple a fast hours in the office, watching the score tick over as I worked, I needed to hit the road for an hour long drive to a country town for a worksite review. Rewarded for my concentration as the rain bucketed down in patches through these forest lined country roads, I heard Siddle get the big wickets of Pietersen and Collingwood in consecutive overs.

Finishing one meeting, then another, and all things going well, I was left in a head manager's office while his staff tried to locate him for my next meeting. I tried at this point to check the score, but alas, my new phone is not very compliant. This manager eventually returned, and I made a comment of being occupied trying to check the cricket score. He turned bright red and confessed that he was actually off in the boardroom, and just watched Siddle get a hat trick! I was delighted and jealous all at once!

Getting back to the car after a pretty good meeting, I heard the immediate aftermath of Siddle's 6th for the day. Wow! The hour drive back had debutant Doughty get his 1st and 2nd test match wickets, wrapping up the innings. 774 then played the replay of the hat trick, wicket by wicket. What a day!

Can't wait to get up there and feel part of it for the weekend.

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