Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gig Retrospective Too

Just following on from my first post, these are the rest of the gigs...many repeat performers from the beginning of the year, actually.

Florence and The Machine was back in Australia for a festival after I returned from my trip, and played to enthralled fans at Festival Hall. Given that nothing much will leave the feelings of awe like last time, Flo still had the crowd eating out of her palm, watching every more as she floated and danced across the stage in barefoot. This night we had previews into new material, and the brilliance of the Lungs album. So good!

A trip to St Kilda and the Palais on a school night had Andrea, Dean and I seated for the magical Angus and Julia Stone. Just a dreamy and sweet collection of tracks, with previews of newer material, despite just having an album released. Julia pulled out the cover of You're The One That I Want, which was again haunting and mesmerising. The crowd called out regularly that they wanted to marry either of these siblings, as if it were that simple. Julia made comment that one such proposition to Angus would be interesting, skipping all the meeting and relationship stuff, and just have his babies. Ha! Aren't all ages shows cute....hmm.

Back to the Palais not long after, Jessie and I were treated to the ever talented Sarah Blasko. Mixing up her old with her new tracks, amazing album As Day Follows Night, probably in response to some scathing press reviews about the last Melbourne shows where she opened with just her new album - how dare she showcase her best album yet! It was clear by the level of Sarah's engagement and enthusiasm, that this newest record is her most proudest. A beautiful rendition of The Garden's End. She played Flame Trees, for the last time she said initially, and then after a little mind-blank midway through, suggested Melbourne may get another one down the line.

Katie and I saw Boy & Bear at Karova one rainy October night. Opening the night, Passenger had the early crowd engaged by doing away with the stage and the electrics, and playing a song among us on the floor. An awesome storyteller, this Pom won hearts! The sweet harmonies of the lads who are Boy & Bear is why we were there, and they uplifted our little venue with the souring sounds. Admitting that it was tricky doing a gig off a back of a 5 track EP, they played a number of new tracks interspersed. Such a great talent!

For my birthday, a little crew gathered for dinner at Thai Pavilion last month, before some of us made our way to a packed and sweaty Karova. I got there just as the first act finished, ready for Sparkadia, who really stole the show. Album gems from Postcards were brilliant, with the sound spot on. Alex has the talent to pull you in and take notice, even in this busy, noisy, filled room. With the new track Talk Like I'm Falling Down Stairs a highlight, this gig already rocked. Then the headliners filled the stage, and Little Red showcased their newly released album. Rock It, again, got a massive crowd reaction, as did old favourite Coca Cola to finish the night.

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