Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Canada Life Views: Doors Open Toronto

The Canada Life building is imposing on University Avenue, and Doors Open Toronto on the weekend meant you could conquer such heights for an amazing view of the city.

Going inside from street level, we were treated to the ornate and grand interior, before joining the line to go up into the elevator for a ride to the 17th floor. This building was once the tallest building in Toronto, now this observation floor, only open for Doors Open Toronto every year, still affords a pretty amazing vantage point of the city below and around.

The volunteer manning the elevator is chirpy and informative, even though he has been working in that little confined space all day. He delivers us to a surprisingly small room, complete with shiny marble floors, and windows facing East, West and South.

Despite the fast moving line downstairs, the room has just enough people to allow you to move from window to window freely and easily. Doors Open Toronto, and their volunteers, have done a really great job making each site totally accessible for the masses.

South-facing gives you the CN Tower, a glimpse of the lake and the Toronto Islands, in addition to downtown streets.

East gives you a bird's eye view of the Old and new City Halls, and the space in front of the new City Hall. The West windows show you my new neighbourhood, Queen Street West, and the urban sprawl beyond.

While we were taking in the room and the views from each side, we were also handed a little reference card giving a guide to the weather beacon on the top of the building. This spire atop signals the weather for the day, or the following day when shown at night, by coloured lights running up and down the indicator. According to my new, and very handy guide, green lights indicate clear weather, red means cloudy, and flashing red forecasts rain. Flashing white tells of snow, and the direction of the lights indicate the coming temperature changes ahead. Steady lights suggest steady temperatures for the coming hours.

How great is that!!?? I walk past this building on my way home from work, and imagine this knowledge will be very handy for planning my next day!


  1. Melbourne used to have a weather beacon on one of it's buildings. Now, even the Nylex sign no longer works. :(

  2. What cool views of the city! Wow the floors are so shiny in that place.. never seen such shiny floors in my life. Hope the weather signals come in handy for important drinking events! Sounds like you're seeing lots and lots in Toronto, am enjoying your posts!

  3. The Canada Life Building has such shiny floors! Wow! The views look like a great way to see what Toronto has going on - good view of the drinking establishments I hope! Love the updates!:)


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