Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Toronto and the CN Tower

When I spotted the iconic CN Tower in the Toronto skyline from the airplane window on Saturday, I must confess, I was pretty excited! I had arrived! And I was seeing that sight that said Toronto for myself.

On Sunday I met up with Kylie and Gina, who took me on a little walking tour of the city. During this, I apologised for taking so many pictures of the tower, but also knowing that unless you grab these unique sights to keep at the start of getting to know a city, they soon become so common place, you totally forget to get any!

On this walking tour we went from our shared neighbourhood area - so fortunate and totally by chance - down to the waterfront. Here, as it was a gorgeous, warm sunny day and a long weekend, it seemed that every Torontonian was out and about soaking in the weather and all the activities on the lake's edge.

The Tower is an omnipresence as you wander through the city, peeking around buildings at every turn. We walked through the Entertainment District and then the Financial District, before heading north to the outskirts of Kensington.

Up on College Street we went into the Cloak and Dagger, for an all-you-can-eat taco special, and many beers. Out in the beer garden we got to chatting with some other punters, one being an Aussie who picked our accents out pretty quickly. Trying out all the Canadian beers on tap, this evening turned into a bigger night than first thought. Surely great for jetlag!

My walk home from the pub, and then from Kylie and Gina's, the Tower was again a presence, with it's constant changing of colours at night.

Monday I walked around the city further, which included checking out the place I will be working, to be sure I knew where to go on my first morning. I also then met up with Natalie, whom I had found in the planning stage of this Summer in Toronto.

I had set out to find a blogger in Toronto, and stumbled upon one who is also doing the MSW! Then, as placements were confirmed, it turns out we are also working at the same place for these 3 months. We met up for a beer and dinner at Sin + Redemption, getting to know each other after our email contacts for the last few months.

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