Sunday, May 27, 2012

Street Art Off Queen Street West

These photos are taken as I walk along Queen Street West. There are so many pieces of art that catch your eye as you walk down this street, and indeed many of the streets here in Toronto.

These actual grabs are down one of the side alleys off the main street. All around a lot of tags and those big unreadable but eye-catching scrawls, are these gems!

I wonder how often they are added to and painted over, and refreshed with new inspiration and images. I have these weeks of the Summer to find out on the daily walk home from work.

It's the faces and phrases that catch my eye. I love these displays of art, wanted or unwanted, on the city streets. Shows that a city has a vibrant life bubbling away!


  1. I really like these. Can't wait to take a walk around and see what's there in August.

    1. Will be interesting to see if you can spot the same art you have captured before, or whether it's all new. Would be interesting to know the timeframe for new or whitewash intervention!


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