Sunday, May 27, 2012

Jinja Safari

Planning my move to Toronto, I was keen to get into the gig scene straight away, and the show that popped out on was an Aussie band. On my first day in the city I spotted the venue of this gig, as if it was all meant to be.

Gina and I meant on Queen Street West in time with doors opening on Thursday, and walked down to the Rivoli. We figured out where the bandroom was, and after grabbing a beer, took seats just as the locals were doing. The barman noticed our accents, and made comment that he had never come across so many Australians in Toronto before tonight.

A filled bandroom greeted the support act, Bravestation, and when they introduced themselves as a band from Toronto and seeing most of the crowd really into them, it made a bit more sense to us. This four piece band played 'quirky tribal pop tunes' (according to their webpage), and captured the room completely, and me enough to download their EP (for free here).

This band room was an intimate space, with a mirror down one side. It did empty significantly between bands, which was disappointing for the Aussies, but did nothing to dampen their enthusiasm.

Jinja Safari arrived on stage bouncing with energy and excitement to be there. They were chatty to the crowd throughout their funky fun set, and at one point asked how everyone there had even heard of them! Bless!

They were so much fun at Splendour last year, and matched this here in Toronto. Great sound and engagement, but it's the energy and the sheer fun these five lads are having on stage that pulls you in! How many bands do you see pull out a sitar for a couple of tracks!

So amazing to see these guys traveling through North America, a product of Triple J's Unearthed. A great gig to get me started within the full experience of a new city!

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